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Author: Chris Kelsey

I dropped out of high school in December 2014, six months before graduating. I’d gotten to the point of realizing school was not going to help me with anything I wanted to do in life. They teach subjects that don’t matter and hold you back from learning reality.

The good thing is that reality is a lot more fun and profitable than school. You can do anything you want in the world and anyone that tells you otherwise is stuck in a school mindset.

Life the life of an adventurer and learn to take chances. Schools won’t help you make money, they only lead to dead ends. Learn how to actually make money by pursuing your dream ideas and following through with them. There is a reason why you have those dreams in the first place.

When I dropped out, my parents were very upset. My dad yelled at me a lot and my mom cried almost everyday. They said I threw my life away. Despite their negativity I knew I didn’t really care because life is about doing what I want to do, not what they tell me to do.

It’s ok to be broke. During my entrepreneurial successes I had many times where I ran out of money. I even lived out of my car for a week. It turned out it wasn’t as bad as I thought and it all became part of the beautiful story of what makes me who I am today.

Your life path only brings you closer and closer to success. Explore the world, read, learn new languages, discover how amazing the world actually is. No school will ever be able to provide the full experience.

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